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10,000 original NFTs
Living on the ETH Blockchain

What is Aworld

1,000 Animals

Non-procedure NFTs

Hundreds of traits

Billions of possibilities combined randomly by 1,000 animals and 135 traits

Why create Aworld ?

We hope artists can focus on art. It’s a good thing to make full use of procedures, but the emotions that belong to humankind in the artworks should not be discarded.

We want to let everyone get their favorite animal avatar, not a set species. And we hope people can learn more about the animals here and try to love them.

Random combination of 1,000 animals and hundreds of traits is quite a challenge. But this is exactly what we need. Challenges make us grow.



We will enrich the channels of discord. At the same time, we will
open up the registration of community volunteers and select
volunteers in a fair and open way with all members.


We will select 10 addresses randomly to send the first set of limited
farmers’ suit of Aworld. This suit includes a hat, a T-shirt and a pair
of overalls.


We will develop the function of naming and writing stories for
animals in the future. Every animal deserves a resounding name
and a legendary story. After resale, the new holder can choose
to keep or re-edit it.


Aworld Merch Store gets unlocked. Goods including T-shirts, hats, etc.
began to be prepared.


We will inject 20% of the sales and 50% of the royalty income
from the second transaction into Aworld Dao Fund for community building,
project cooperation, community reward and investment, etc.
The future of Aworld will be decided by community members.

Selling out is just the first step. We are not only committed to developing new NFT mechanics, but will also expand to various fields including games,
novels, videos, etc. At the same time, we are going to connect the metaverse with real world. Every whimsy has a chance to come true.
So glad to be able to complete this unprecedented great idea with you guys. Here’s to our initial victory.


Mr. X, an artist with more than 10 years’ experience in blockchain.
He believes that every artist who devotes themselves to art
should be rewarded.
Besides, he thinks that we shouldn’t stay put.
It’s time to connect metaverse with the real world.

Attention⚠️:All explorations for development need time to be realized. The plans on the roadmap may also be adjusted with the actual situation (of course, we will give full consideration to the views of the community). Aworld is a long-term project. And like any other project, there are numerous risks that may lead to failure. Therefore, if you don’t trust us, please don’t buy. Even if you have confidence in our project, please spend money within your tolerance.

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